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Our pastor

Saugatuck Church has been blessed with faithful pastors throughout its history. Our present pastor has been with us since 2014; Rev. Stephen Hasper, and his wife Joan. 

Steve is the second child of three, born into a pastor's home in West Michigan. His father served many years at Grace Bible Church, an evangelical church in the Grand Rapids area.


Steve received his first degree from Calvin College in Political Science, pursuing a career in law until God called him in a different direction. He was invited to join the staff of a Japanese church in Osaka, and served three years in urban outreach and discipleship. He returned to the States to complete his Master's degree in Theological Studies at Calvin Seminary. A deep desire to know Jesus in his Jewish context sent him to Oxford University in England, to study Judaism and Christianity and complete a Master of Philosophy degree.


Saugatuck is Steve's fourth church. He has a deep love of Scripture, theology, and Christian history. His passion is to see Christ worshiped and proclaimed in the living faith of the local church. He loves being part of Saugatuck Church, and part of the beautiful Saugatuck community.


Steve and his wife, Joan, were married in June of 2014. Joni grew up in the Christian Reformed Church: her grandfather was a minister and her parents taught in the Grand Rapids Christian School system. She currently works at Pressing Matters in Holland.

The Lord has blessed them with six children. Steve's three are Jessica, Jonathan, and Charissa. Joni's are Ellie, Thad, and Hannah.


You might see Joni and Steve enjoying one of the their nightly walks through town!





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